KIWA certification for our quality system!

Meccanostamp enjoys Kiwa certification (download PDF here). The certification of management system (regulated by international standard laws) ensures the Organisation to structure itself and manage resources and processes in order to recognise and satisfy customers’ needs (quality management system) or, more generally, stakeholders’ needs (in compliance with obligatory requirements), as well as commitment to improve continuously this capability in line with process approach.

Since 2003 Meccanostamp is certificated by CERMET according to the rules UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. Kiwa Cermet Italy occupies a strong position in the assertion of this legislation at national level.

Kima Cermet Italy is present on the market as a leading player with references, able to respond to the needs of the organisation through a series of services in interaction with each other.

Quality Policy

The aim of the company is to guarantee customers’ satisfaction by constantly improving the efficacy of its own quality management system.


The improvement requires everyone’s participation and shall be based on the following points:

  1. Greater and ongoing involvement of all employees is an essential precondition for the continuous improvement of products and services.
  2. Collaboration and business discipline are the correct tool for achieving this involvement successfully and supporting the improving efficacy of the quality management system. New ideas and far-reaching proposals from all resources are duly taken into account.
  3. Each Manager has to coordinate his own collaborators, pointing them towards a progressive reduction of working time and costs in compliance with quality standards.
  4. The professional improvement of single resources is the key to our success. Therefore, the individuation of a clear and coherent educational and training plan can be useful to grow and valorise professional competences thanks to the turn-over of all business production processes too.
  5. Management defines quantifiable quality goals periodically. All resources are asked to put constant and personal effort for their achievement.
  6. Production cycles and supplies of necessary raw materials are monthly planned in order to respect customers’ deadlines for payment.

7.      The company aims currently to expand and diversify its market by producing not only metal printed sheets, but also stainless steel aesthetic details and car aluminum.

  1. We aim at implementing the automation of processes in order to achieve better competitiveness in terms of quality and costs and obtain the same product and service quality to a competitive price.The design and the maintenance of the equipment are carried out internally, while building operations are in charge of external reliable firms.

Giovanni Zito